WordPress Site Design

After seeing my personal sites (including this one), some clients have started asking me to help with their web sites to enhance their online reach to customers. As many of my clients are small businesses their needs often aren’t too complex, so I’m happy to use my experience in developing and maintaining WordPress-based sites to design an attractive and effective page to help engage their current and potential customer base.

Below you can find some examples of sites I’ve created.

Student Hub – Kobe U Maritime English


To create an easy-to-use site for non-native English speakers with up-to-the-minute information on schedules, syllabi and teacher contact info, I put together a mobile-friendly directory (since most Japanese students will likely use smartphones to access it) and also shot photos to provide a visual consistency to aid navigation.

Teachers can even make announcement posts from their own email account so they don’t have to log in to the site to make changes (handy, as not all teachers are tech-savvy enough to feel comfortable in the WordPress backend).

Photo-Blog – hair-flap.com


My personal, Japan-based photo-blog. While photo-blogs and their layouts are fairly common,the challenge I had was mainly in the inital introduction (which needs to quickly explain the odd nomenclature as well as make it explicit that it’s focused on photos of Japan) and the organization.

I first started the blog back in 2001 and I’ve now lived on and off in Japan for almost seven years and four distinct areas, so in addition to a standard chronological flow, I wanted to make it easy to browse by location as well as time. Eventually I decided to add an option to browse by the different “Eras” of my time in Japan, which will probably be used mainly by those who know me personally. Everyone else will likely use the standard chronological flow.

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