Documentary – IPSL Grad Prog

A 30-minute promotional documentary showcasing IPSL’s world-spanning Graduate Program. We sought to show the journey students will take as well as the tangible benefits they get from this amazing experience.

Many Languages, One World

ELS’ ambitious and moving, week-long global youth forum bringing together students from all over the world to present their ideas on the floor of the UN General Assembly. More info on this amazing program can be found here.

ELS Tacoma

I confess, being from Portland, my NW pride made it very easy to give my all to this showcase for the Tacoma location of ELS Language Centers. While in town shooting , I was able to hire a friend who owns a plane to fly over Tacoma and Seattle to get some aerial...

“MyELS” – Program Experience Promo

ELS needed a flagship video on their main webpage and for social media, that would introduce viewers to the breadth of experience students get while on their ESL (English as a Second Language) program. In addition, they were keen to promote their new student portal...

Graphic Design

While I primarily work in video production, occasionally I’ll find myself doing graphic design either for work or, more often, personal projects. I find typography particularly fascinating and always welcome the challenge to “tell the story” in a...

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