About Studio 47 Productions
Studio 47 is a small, unpretentious and nimble-footed production company. We eschew bigger productions for smarter ones to help tell the story behind your small business. We think that your customers shouldn’t just know what you do but WHY you do it and WHY they should seek you out.

“The Story’s the Thing.”


Turns out, most everyone has a story, whether they know it or not, and they’re almost always damn interesting! In the case of individuals or small businesses you’re knowledgeable and passionate about what you do, but often the communication of these ideas is where you might need a hand. Leave it to us! We love to translate your passion into exciting and insightful narratives; the introduction of your product or idea, your process documentation, even a call to arms! Even you may be surprised at how strong your message really is.

We want to help you discover your story and use great video to spread its word! So take a look at some of the projects we’ve done for others and drop us a line. We’d love to hear what you’ve got cooking.

About Me
Hi, I’m Scott Piekarczyk.

Sometime in Junior High, I found and started playing with the Yashica camera my Dad had with him in Vietnam. Warm fuzzy feelings for photography started then. Star Wars and ninja flicks prompted me to learn for myself that making movies could be as fun as watching them. Attending the hands-on film program at Montana State University gave me a strong foundation in the “making them” department.

Living as a teacher in Japan for three years after graduation is where I learned that the world is so much bigger than I had thought and it’s full of people with amazing stories. I need to say that again, the world is full of amazing stories everywhere you look.

For over 5 years I worked with a range of passionate individuals and businesses to create visual stories that help build their brand and their message by not just telling viewers what they do but why they do it.

Recentlly, I moved back to Japan with my wife, where I continue to hand-craft moving images for people with stories that need telling.

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